Memo From Shaun For Travel Instructors

 In Instructor Memos

To: All instructors
From: Shaun Fix
EMC President

Subject: Courses being taught on “Travel Assignments”

First of all, Thanks for all the help and hard work. We are providing 120-150 programs each month. Remember the
logistics of this for the office staff is much greater than the “course or two” that YOU are teaching. To that end, I want to
clarify a few policies to make things run smoother for everyone, your payroll, and the office folks. Remember the office
staff is responsible for assisting 85 instructors.

-Once the office staff authorizes you to book your flights through the travel site we provide (generally about 3 weeks out),
we need you to do it within 48 hours. If not, the office will have to book a non-refundable, non- adjustable flight for you at
the best times they can get, based on the previous info you provided. (If you have an emergency or for some reason have
an issue booking the flight, please speak with someone at our office prior to the 48 hours to make arrangements. Once
hour 49 hits, we can’t guarantee a flight that was booked can be adjusted.

-Luggage has suddenly become an issue. Here is our standard policy. We supply you with one 28″ suitcase containing a
“stations’ worth” of equipment. This suitcase is weighed before it leaves our office and is under 50 lbs. We pay the
airline baggage fee for that bag (usually about $25). The baggage fee can be a reimbursement to you or we can give you
the money before the flight. We ask that you take your personal things in a 20″ carry on (if doing standard 2 day courses)
and CARRY ON (to place under the seat in front of you) the Zoll Defib (for classes that need it). Many instructors have
carried the Zoll in a backpack and been able to add more of their personal things to this bag. Obviously if you are doing
more than 2 days, we understand you will be checking a personal bag as well (generally $35). Lately we have found that
folks have been packing the Zoll in the large suitcase which causes and ADDITIONAL $100 overweight fee for each bag,
each way. We will no longer be able to reimburse for this. IF you arrive at the airport and our staff has over packed your
bag, please try to adjust this, AND contact the office immediately. (we have a person who’s sole job is to manage this.)

-Reimbursements. Again, there are lots of you teaching at the same time. Our bookkeeper and client require
reimbursements within 1 week. This means we need YOUR reimbursement papers via fax, scan, email or smoke signal
within 5 DAYS in order to get you paid. We want to give you money! The client will no longer accept reimbursements over
7 days old.

-Lastly, Syllabus. We have recently received 2 complaints from the regular instructors of the Novice Nurses we teach after
we have left. The complaints have stemmed around a lack of coordination of the training programs and inconsistencies in
the times and rotations of the groups, and some groups not receiving enough hands on time. I personally witnessed this
on 2 other occasions. It is imperative and mandatory that we follow the syllabus exactly as it is written in relation to station
content and rotations. This is done to meet the certifying agency standard, allow for the most practice time, and follow
sound principles of adult education. Lead instructors; PLEASE review the station content and times with the assisting staff
prior to the stations starting. This seems to be the most troublesome on day 2 of ACLS when we have BLS instructors
involved. In all classes, the student groups are to rotate as and entire group from station to station. They are never to be
pulled 2 or 3 at a time, then moved back and forth. I am attaching the syllabus with station designations. PLEASE, if this is
not clear, contact the office before the class to have the syllabus reviewed.

Again, Thanks for all you do. We are known for providing some of the best education in the country, because we work
hard to get and keep some of the most dedicated and passionate instructors around.

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