Based on the CDC recommendation for social distancing – our classes will continue, smaller in size and with modified curriculum to reduce the potential spread of contamination. Wearing a mask at class is required for the facilities who have a mask policy in effect. For classes at EMC’s site, at this time we ask that all non-vaccinated participants wear a mask and maintain proper social distancing throughout the duration of the class. Vaccinated participants may choose the option to wear a mask or not wear one.

Training Videos

ACLS Course Lectures (3 Videos)

1. ACLS Intro & Concepts

2. ACLS Pharmacology

3. ACLS Key Points & Algorithms

ACLS Special Arrests

PALS Course Lectures (3 Videos)

1. PALS Recognition & Assessment

2. PALS Cardiac Events & Algorithms

3. Newborn Resuscitation

PHTLS Course Lectures

PHTLS Lesson 1

PHTLS Lesson 4

PHTLS Lesson 2

PHTLS Lesson 5

PHTLS Lesson 3

PHLTS Lesson 6

Trauma Airway Skills Demonstration

Human Patient Simulation Lab - Adult & Infant Scenarios

Adult Quick Fix on

Quick Fix Jr. on

EMS Scene Safety Review Ft. Shaun Fix

Introduction to Some of Shaun Fix’s Lectures - From the 2015 National CLINCON Conference.

EMS World 2020 Lecture Preview

Training Videos
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